aoife cassidy

Software developer and sysadmin

I'm a software developer and system administrator. I spend most of my time writing software at all levels of the stack, from user-facing web-apps, through back-end systems programming, to messing around with alternative Internet protocols.

Notable Projects

mus: a pretty good mpd client

globe git

mus is a terminal-based client that connects to the Music Player Daemon. It ditches the clunky syntax of mpc and its clones, instead opting for ease-of-use, quality-of-life features. It also sports a vibrant and colorful user interface.

Akkoma: a microblogging server

globe git

Akkoma is a microblogging server that talks over ActivityPub and connects to the Fediverse, an interconnected federated network of nodes all talking to each other. I contributed to both the frontend and backend of the software, namely rewriting the static frontend from scratch, implementing API endpoints, and adding a moderation panel. Akkoma is currently being used across 500 nodes serving over 16,000 users around the world.